October 2020: Dublin hosts the 27 th annual meeting of The Research Alliance. The event is a new opportunity to enrich our knowledge with the experiences of our associates.

13-16 September: ESOMAR Congress in Toronto.

In March 2020 The Research Alliance partners in Germany and Denmark organize a Workshop on Sensory.




October 2018: As every year, the associated of The Research Alliance has met, this time in Milan. New tendencies on packaging and consumer decision were presented. The group underline the agility to cover the need of our clients our companies have in market research.

23-26 September: ESOMAR Congress in Edinburgh.

In May 2019 The Research Alliance organises a Workshop on Creative Thinking. Victoria Scarpato shows her innovative and witty techniques.




September 2018: The Research Alliance's Annual Meeting takes place in New York (USA). The event is a great opportunity to share techniques and experiences among the international members.
23-26 September: ESOMAR Congress in Berlin.
In March 2018 The Research Alliance organises a Conference on Service Design in Copenhagen (Denmark).
February 2018 Granada hosts the 34th edition of AEDEMOS TV research seminar.


In September 2017 The Research Alliance's Annual Meeting takes place in Gothenburg (Sweden).
10-13 September ESOMAR Congress in Amsterdam
16-17 March 2017 a 'story-telling' workshop is organised by The Research Alliance.
February 2017 AEDEMO’s annual meeting on TV takes place in León (Spain)




September 2016, the Annual Meeting of The Research Alliance in Nuremberg (Germany). The results of the “Global Trend Survey” conducted in 21 countries, with the participation of CIES, are presented.
From 18 to 21 September, ESOMAR Congress 2016. New Orleans




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