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The members ofare equipped to fulfil all basic research needs:

-New product development.
-Packaging surveys.
-Brand image testing.
-Advertising post-tests.
-Customer satisfaction surveys.
-Point of purchase and promotion surveys.

- Design testing.
-Market research.
-Advertising pre-tests.
-Corporate image.
-Price surveys.
-Tracking studies.
Many of the companies that make up THE RESEARCH ALLIANCE are expert in specialist areas, such as:
  • Pharmaceutical research.
  • Sales counter testing.
  • Business to business.
  • Media surveys.
  • Trade surveys.
  • Mystery Shopping.
  • Social research.
  • Child research.
Thanks to the experience of its members, THE RESEARCH ALLIANCE also offers international market research surveys in areas such as:
  • Decision to purchase.
  • The importance of brand choice factors.
  • The impact of brand switching. Viability of new brands with special features.
  • Market simulation testing.
  • Prices.
  • Optimum brand pricing.
  • Market quota at different price levels.

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